The participation of the basketball appointments of Freizeitbasketball München is organized with the help of the online enrolment system "SuperSaas" (LINK). As a new participant, you have to register first (please with your correct data). Afterwards, you have to enrol for every appointment you want to join separately. 


This might sound a little bit complicated at the beginning, but has proven very well over time. The advantage is that every player knows when the next appointments are and how many places are still left. A maximum of 14 players per appointment are allowed. 


Unfortunately, the enrolment system is only available in German. But I will help you to get through the enrolment process in the following. I am sure you will figure it out. 


Link for the ->  enrolment system



First of all, you need to register by clicking on the upper link in orange. You will be forwarded to the page of "SuperSaas", which is the system which manages the enrolments. The required steps: 


1. Registration: Click on "Ein neues Benutzerkonto anlegen"(= create new user account). Please fill in all the required data honestly ("Benutzername" = user name; "Passwort" = password; "Vollständiger Name" = full name"; "Mobiltelefonnummer" = mobile phone number; "Spitzname" = nickname). Then click "Anlegen" (=create).


2. You will get a confirmation email. Click on the blue highlighted link in the email to confirm. 


3. After clicking on the confirmation link in your email, you will be forwarded to the normal login-page of the enrolment system. Login ("Anmelden") with your user name and password.


4. Now you see the page with a list of the following appointments. Choose one appointment and click on the magnifying glass symbol. Now click on "Neue Reservierung" (= new reservation) to sign up for this specific apppointment. You will receive a confirmation for your enrolment by email. 


5. Finished! 



Experienced any problems? Write me: Email