At the moment, we are playing twice a week: 


Appointment 1: Every monday from 20:30 to 22:00 at the gym of the Fridtjof-Nansen-Realschule, Ernst-Reuter-Straße 2 (district Haidhausen, between Ostbahnhof and Prinzregentenplatz). We only play here in the winter months, from october until the end of may. This gym is closed during school holidays.


Appointment 2: Every friday from 19:45 to 21:30 Uhr at the gym of SV Stadtwerke München, Lauensteinstraße 9 (district Obergiesing-Fasangarten). This appointment takes place during the whole year, also during summer. This gym is not affected by school holidays. 


The special circumstance with us is the use of an online enrolment system for organizing the attendance. How this is working will be explained in the segment registration. Please do not show up to appointments without being signed up on the system.  


What does it cost? 

We charge a fee of 6 Euro for every appointment. Please bring this amount in cash. Alternatively you can buy a multiple ticket for 40 Euro, which will last for 8 appointments. You do not have to become a member or any kind of sorts. 


What kind of people are playing here?

We are a mixed group of people in the age of 25-45 years. Women are welcome, but are kind of under-represented. We have a familiar group which shows up regularly, but there are constantly new people joining and we are always happy for new faces showing up. 


What kind of playing level can I expect? 

We are mostly ex-club players and ambitioned hobby players. We cultivate an unselfish culture without many fouls, but with a lot of running and defense. Unlike in club basketball, we do not run systems and do not participate in regular practices or in a league system. 


What requirements do I have to meet?  

It would be best if you already have some basketball experience, regardless of wether from streetball or club basketball. Age or sex is not important. A certain level of stamina is required. Then there is no reason for you not to join. If you are unsure in one of the aforementioned points, this might not be the right thing for you. 



There are showering facilities in both gyms. Please be punctual, better be early 15 minutes. Please take your own ball for warming up. Parking: At Lauensteinstraße you can park easily, while it might get more difficult at Ernst-Reuter-Straße. Please respect the rules of the online enrolment system (see registration). 


Is this page even up to date? Are you still playing?  

This page is up to date as long it is online. We are playing non-stop since the beginning of 2016 and there is no end in sight. After registering to the online enrolment system you can see the next appointments.   


Participation is at your own risk!!! No liability or warranty in case of injury 


For questions, suggestions or criticism please write: Email